Should You Smell Tequila with Your Mouth Open?

Do you want to enjoy tequila more even if it looks weird? Watch to find out how! 80% of what we perceive as flavor is actually smell. It is. And of course, typically you smell out of your nose, but did you know you actually can smell out of your mouth?


So, the back of your throat has a bunch of olfactory receptors that when activated, like amp up your sense of smell. So this is what you do when you're smelling tequila, wine, whiskey, open your mouth. Let's try this with this TC Craft 8-year extra añejo. Smell it mouth closed. Okay. Lovely, fruity. Smells good. Oaky, balanced. Now, do it with mouth open. Okay. You really do get a lot... So much more, right? And it's not only more smell, it almost feels like it's different, like it hits in a different way. It's just like opens it up more. Yeah. Try it yourself at home. It will definitely increase your enjoyment of anything. It unlocks the superpower of smell. Follow for more tequila reviews and how-tos.

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