Welcome, tequila lovers! 

A little over a year ago, I asked myself a simple question:

"What if I just tried to teach people some of what I've learned about tequila?"

And now, we find ourselves here....with a large and growing following on social media, and this online store that features super cool tequila-themed merch.

How did this happen?

jay baer in agave field

I'm Jay Baer. A tequila teacher and 25-year fan of all things tequila. When I was in my late 20s, every Wednesday I would go to Los Sombreros, a restaurant/bar in Scottsdale (I'm from AZ, originally).

The bartender there, Steve, was a very early devotee of agave spirits. And each week, he would teach my friend Tom and I something new about tequila, mezcal, and beyond.

That was the match that created the spark that began a journey that got us here.

I spent the next two decades steadily learning more and more about tequila, including multiple visits to producers in Jalisco.

Then, a couple years ago, I sold my consulting firm, and stopped hosting my award-winning podcast. This freed up some time.

So, more or less on a whim, I started making tequila education videos.

And now, alongside my amazing assistant Maddie Jager, we publish multiple tequila lessons and reviews on Instagram and TikTok every week. 

Tequila Jay Baer and Maddie Jager

My day job is as a professional public speaker, and business book author, but tequila has my heart (and maybe yours too?)

Maddie and I are committed to teaching people how to enjoy and appreciate tequila. Both online, and in live tastings.

You can find our current list of recommended tequila brands at JayTequila.com

We also publish a free tequila aroma and flavor chart, which is very handy for understanding the nuances of what's in your glass. Grab it here


About the Store

We've carefully curated all the products here, and most are limited editions.

We add new products frequently, so check back often!

All items are custom made when you order them.

They aren't sitting on a dusty shelf, waiting. It's like Five Guys vs. McDonald's.

So please realize that it will take a few days for your order to be lovingly crafted, before shipping out to you. 


HUGE thanks for your support. Any questions or ideas, please let us know!


Jay + Maddie