27 Additive-Free Mexican-Owned Brands

So people ask us all the time in the comments, in particular in DMs, which of these brands are actually owned by Mexican citizens? Yeah it's not an easy question because there's not really a great list that you can look at. It's not really written down like that. Yeah.


Anywhere. No. You would think it is, but it's actually not. And there's, I don't know, 2200 total brands of tequila now and more like literally every day. So we couldn't figure that out. That was, that would be insane. But what we did do is we went to Tequila Matchmaker and we looked at the list of confirmed additive free brands, and that's like a couple hundred or something like that.

And then we actually did the research by hand to figure out which of those brands are, as far as we can tell, owned by Mexican citizens. Therefore, the revenue staying in those communities. How many did we end up with? I think about 27. 20? Yeah, I think that's right. 27 or so. Currently confirmed additive free brands, there is a lot more brands than that that are owned by Mexican citizens.

Again, this is not in exact science, but people asked us enough, we're like, let's just put the time and effort into it to try and figure it out. So the list of the 27 brands that we believe to be at least 51% owned by Mexican citizens is available in the caption. Save the post if you've got questions or you're like, what about this one?

Let us know in the comments and we'll see what we can do. Yeah. Sounds great. Thanks.


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