3 Cristalino Tequilas Worth Your Time

Most cristalinos suck. Here are three that don't.

Cristalinos are made by taking a reposado or an añejo, and then they filter out the colors, it becomes clear and then also much of the flavor. Yeah. So then what's left tastes like agave vodka. Gross. But here are three additive-free cristalinos that we actually like. This first one is a new brand, Authentico. It's a reposado cristalino. Very tasty, very smooth, and at a very affordable price point. This is another new brand, Rodeo De Las Aguas, which is añejo cristalino. So aged a little bit longer, has a surprising amount of flavor. And then Codigo 1530. This one is a Reposado Cristalino. This brand just keeps cranking out great products and this cristalino is no different. All three of these have that lighter, smoother, slightly sweet cristalino profile but it doesn't have that cloying heavy sweetness that a lot of cristalinos, especially the popular ones have, so look for these. All additive-free as well. 

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