3 Interesting New Tequilas

Here are three tequilas I discovered this month that I think you should know about.

This is the first edition of the Suerte high-proof blanco. Very nice, fresh, clean, decent price, as well, for high-proof. Second batch is on the way. Look for it! Cabal released this single barrel high-proof añejo at 55% ABV a few months ago with the Nashville Bourbon Social Club. I got a buddy down there, The_Tequila_Cop, who got me one. It is outstanding, a horse that needs to be ridden. And a new additive-free brand, Dos Angeles Caidos, made at NOM 1522 with the excellent Jaime Villalobos Sauza as master distiller. This is a Rosa, aged in Tempranillo barrels, very tasty, long, dry finish. What did you discover this month? Share it in the comments, please.

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