3 Reposado Tequilas You Have to Try!

We have an honest confession for you. There are so many great tequila brands. They just don't get the love that they deserve.

Yes. Here are three additive-free reposados that might fly under your radar. First, we've got Cierto that's a little bit higher priced.

Cierto, makes a great gift to what a cool bottle made by the same folks who make Don Fulano and Fuenteseca.

And then at the middle price range, we've got Corrido.

Corrido is made by Ana María Romero, who is an absolute legend of the industry. I'm just enchanted by the spices in this particular reposado.

And then at a value price. We've got El Bandido Yankee.

El Bandido Yankee made at the legendary distillery El Viejito by another female master distiller, Karina Rojo.

Their tagline is "so smooth, it's criminal" And it might be true because it's pretty darn smooth. Three great choices.

We've got a list of 25 of our favorite reposados. So if you want us to send that to you, just throw 'repo' in the comments on Instagram and we'll shoot it your way.

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