3 Tequilas for College Graduation Gifts

Aanya, who is usually our camera person is graduating from Indiana University. What do you do, Maddie?

- You drink tequila.

- We picked out three bottles that we would suggest that you get to any... Again, college graduate. This is not a high school graduation appropriate. Yep. You don't want to go with Clase Azul or 1942. You want to go with something a little bit additive free and fantastic. Tequilas from Cierto, delicious, delightful. Looks classy, right?

- Looks very classy.

-Just like you. So, happy graduation. What else we got?

- So next up, we love Tequila Ocho. They're one of the only brands that actually puts the year on the label on the bottle. So that's a great idea. This is 2023, but their 2024 labels are coming out any day now, so go grab one for a graduate.

- One of our favorite tequilas we've ever had on the show: Tears of Llorona. We're not going to give you a half-drank bottle because that's not very classy. It's aged in like sherry barrels and stuff, so this tastes like adulting. Three picks for tequila for graduates. Congratulations, Aanya! Whoo!

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