3 Tequilas that use Wild Yeast


These tequilas have a lot of guts.

Absolutely. Almost all tequila brands, even those that have open fermentation tanks, use propagated yeast, right? So they've got yeast that they've kept for years or decades, right? And every time they make a new batch, they put some of the yeast in, and that's what kind of starts the fermentation.

But there are some brands that don't do that, and it's actually really risky because if you have completely wild fermentation, what triggers the process of turning sugars into alcohol is just what's in the air, right? So you've got weather changes. You've got different stuff in the air, depending on what plants are flowering each season.

So a lot of things can go wrong, and you can get a lot of really inconsistent batches.


But some tequila's like, we love that. We want to do that. And here's three that we really think are cool.

Entremanos that uses wild fermentation. It is Blanco only. This one is Caballito Cerrero. They are legendary agave spirit outlaws.


We visited them in Mexico. Very cool. And then this is Alma del Jaguar, which has Blanco, Repo, and an Añejo coming soon.

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