3 Tips for Buying Tequila Online

You're looking to buy tequila online, you might have some questions. I went to the source for the answers just as Roman, we're at Old Town Tequila in San Diego, one of the largest e-commerce tequila companies in the world.


There's so many like unique bottles, shapes, all these different things. Sometimes it's really hard to ship it in standard packaging like they make for wine.

If you've ever ordered from us before we pack very efficiently.


And you know, it's kind of like almost sometimes we actually do get complaints, but we overkill on like bubble wrap.

What am I going to do this bubble wrap?

We always figure it's better to be safe. It's similar to furniture in the sense of like, it has to be packed, it has to be wrapped. It's heavy. It requires adult signature. Make it hard to offer free shipping.

How much bubble wrap do you go through in a given month?

I think you've seen some of our upstairs storage before. It's like a...

It's like a UPS store exploded. One of the questions that I get from followers of the channel a lot is, Hey, how come I can't get tequila from Old Town, one of the other e-commerce providers in my State? Talk about that a little bit.

It's your State. I was going to say, we would love to ship to all 50 States. Trust me. It's always those States. It's not us, it's your State. If you're in California, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, you know all these West Coast States, let's say West of the Rockies.


It's all flat-rate. So it's like you could fill up your box. It's all for one flat-rate fee.

Oh, interesting.

And specifically even like California, Arizona, Nevada. We're talking about $14.50 or $15 around that.

For as many bottles as you want.

For as many bottles as you want. So, and that's all...

There's a quick tip right there.

And it's all next day too.

Okay. I might have to move back to Arizona now that I have this information, Roman.

And Saturday delivery.

And Saturday delivery. Yeah, sold.

And then the one last thing I will say about ordering online, make sure you send it to somewhere where someone is 21 and over to sign for it. They'll try three times.

And then it comes back to you.

And then it comes back.

And then what have, then you drink it.

Is that how that works?

And then that's our fault.

Then that goes to Roman. Yeah. I love it.


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