3 Top Reposados You Can Buy Online

There are so many good tequila brands out there, how do you pick?

In some places, it's hard to get good tequilas so you got to get it online. So here's three excellent reposados that we recommend.



 You can get these from our friends at Seelbach's. Go to my bio, there's a link there. Use the promo code JAY, get 10% off. What do we have, Maddie?

All right! So we're starting with the Alma del Jaguar.

$54, something like that.

$54. It's aged in American and French Oak.


Combo. And it's also a combo of wild and champagne yeast.

Super classic Reposado, one of my favorite signature brand, El Tesoro. This is $63, something like that. And then a new brand, another new brand is Paladar. This is a really interesting one because they ferment it in pine as opposed to oak or steel. So it does have a little different vibe to it. We can do this Jaguar. Cheers.


Oh yeah.


Yep. All three of these,

very tasty!

Go online, seelbachs.com, link in bio. Promo code JAY, save 10%!

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