39 Anejo Tequilas Under $74.99

Finally, a list of affordable Añejo tequilas.

Look, man, añejos are getting pricey. Because, you know, we had the agave shortage, and the agave prices went up, and then we ran out of barrel room. Prices are starting to come back down a little bit, but a lot of añejos are like a hundred dollars or more.

So we decided to make you an ultimate list of Añejo tequilas that are under $74.99. You can get the list. 39 Añejo tequilas on the list, such as G4, Insólito, El Bandido Yankee, Espanita, and TC Craft, some of our personal favorites.

To get the list, no cost, go to AnejoList.com.

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