4 Great Tequilas for Palomas

 Hey, we're at Total Wine. Love Palomas. It's our favorite tequila cocktail but we're kind of lazy, so we just like to go with the Q Sparkling Grapefruit. Yep. And tequila and a little lime. 


So we're going to pick out four Blancos that are reasonably priced that we would make Palomas out of. Okay. All right. Let's do it, oh, this is a smoking deal. Check this out. El tesoro blanco for $31. Oh yeah, that is a bargain. I think. Oh, I would go with this Costco Queen. Yeah, Costco Queen Square bottle. That is a taste of Mexico right there. So good. $38 for that one. Probably this. Oh yeah! They won, it won our challenge. You did the bottom shelf tequila challenge. You may have seen that. Yeah, Olmeca Altos won the challenge for $26. That's amazing. And let's see, there's some other ones over here. Any of these interesting? I'd go with the Suerte, I think. Man, that's a great, great one for cocktails. Is that $26 also? 26, yeah. Great price. There you go. Four tequilas for your easy Paloma right here at Total Wine. 

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