5 Surprises from Maddie's Trip to Mexico

Maddie just got back from her very first trip to Mexico. What surprised you?

Such a great time. It was really cool to visit. These were the distilleries that we visited.



So one of the things I would say the top thing that surprised me was the family involvement. We had members of the family, take us on a tour and it was really cool to see that they're still involved.

I mean, we had the dad, we had the grandsons, we had the granddaughters, the daughters. That was really cool to me, to see the family involvement because I just wouldn't have expect and then I also thought it was interesting how different the process was. Like, I think every single place made it differently in some way.

And you can really tell in the taste.

Right, and that's why we've got all these tequilas because there's all these different choices that they can make. But they just have their own preferences, their own style.

Another thing that surprised me was Blanco, I think across the board was everybody's favorite when you ask them.

And obviously like on the channel, I always lean towards the ones that are a little bit more aged, but I thought it was cool to see that Blanco is everybody's favorite because they really like to taste the agave. The agave fields, they're freaking everywhere. They're like, I know you hear it...

It's like corn here in Indiana.

It's like in the middle of the highway. There's like agave. It's like, what is going on? And you only get five or six bottles, I think they said.

Per plant.

Which is crazy to me because they're like this, they're so big. So yeah, I learned so much. It was so great to go. I'm hoping to be back again.

Yeah. And we may do trips next year for fans, so stay tuned.


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