5 Tequilas for Maddie's Birthday

Five tequilas for your birthday. It's my birthday this week, so let's find out.

Hey, happy birthday to Maddie. We don't have every tequila here on the 'wall of awesome', but we have a lot. You're doing a tasting tonight, right? Yes, I am with my husband and some of my friends. Let's figure out, what you're gonna pour.

All right, I'm going to do like one of each of the four main expressions.

So let's try for Extra Añejo, let's go with G4. For Añejo, I think I'm going to go with the Cabal. Love that new bottle. Yeah. That's high proof too. It's so cool. Oh great. Reposado, let's go with Alma Del Jaguar. Great.

Animal theme developing here we got, we got horses, we got jaguar, it's great.

For the Blanco, I think we're going to do the Entremanos.

Oh, fantastic. Love that bottle too.

Super cool. For a wild card pick. I really like this Rosa Reposado from Inspiro. So...

Aged in rose barrels. Yeah, right up my alley. Right up your alley. Happy birthday Maddie. Great picks. Thank you.

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