6 Alternatives to Casamigos

Hey, it's Tequila Jay Baer, I'm at Big Red Liquors in Bloomington, Indiana. And a lot of people come into a store like this and they just sort of reflexively reach for the Casamigos, one of the most popular tequilas in the US, $55. But here are six better options for the same price or less, right here in the same store.


First thing I would look for is the really terrific El Tesoro Blanco, $45 that is a great price. Second thing I would go for is down here a little bit more expensive, $55 for the Siete Leguas, one of my favorite Blancos in the world. Also for $5 less than Casamigos, you can get yourself a bottle of Tequila Ocho Plata, this is the 2022. Right below that, same price as Casamigos, Mijenta for $54.99. And then, if you absolutely feel compelled that you must have a celebrity tequila, here's George Strait Codigo 1530, $5 less in Casamigos at $49.99 and a better tequila. And then our friend Sammy Hagar and Guy Fieri, their Tequila, Santo, right here, $54.99 for the Santo.

All six of those are, in my estimation, better than Casamigos, for the same price or less. Be a smart shopper. I'm Tequila Jay Bear.


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