6 Tequilas for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving's coming. We picked out six different reposados that you could serve for your Thanksgiving meal. Reposado is really good with food, right? And in Thanksgiving, you get like all kinds of the crazy different foods and so you got to have something that works. I'm going to have Maddie tell you the one word flavor description.



For each of these reposados, you ready?

Let's do it.

Alma de Jaguar.


Good call.

Don Vicente.

Black pepper.

The El Tesoro Reposado.


Yeah, more, yeah, there's a lot in it, but definitely it's got more wood character than some of these reposados. Cazcanes, number seven.





Love that one. And this one is really different, the Quintaliza, because it's aged in coffee barrels, so it doesn't necessarily taste like coffee, though.

Not quite. I mean, a little bit, but I would say chocolate.

Yeah, so this one, these would be great, like, for your main meal for Thanksgiving. This one, dessert. If you're having a pecan pie or some coffee or whatever afterwards, the Quintaliza, for your main meal at Thanksgiving, any of these five, give it a shot. Let us know what you try.


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