8 Tequila Picks at Total Wine

We're each going to pick 4 tequilas that we would like to drink.

First for me, I would go with our friends Primo 1861. Amazing Blanco from El Pandillo that's $65. Maddie, your turn.

Okay. Insolito Reposado.



Yeah. We've had them on the show. Good stuff. What is this one? $43, that's a good price too.


All right. I'm going to go on a splurge here and get the Fuenteseca Cosecha 2018. This is one of the best Blancos ever made in my estimation. $120.

All right. And then I'm going to do the El Tesoro Paradiso for $120 also.

Look at you spending money, I know. Good job. You like these guys?

Oh yeah. Let's do the Cazcanes.

Which one do I want to go with? I'll do the Reposado again.

It's the No. 7 Reposado, $105. Great Tequila. Oh yeah. Down here at the bottom. ArteNOM 1146. This is one of my favorite añejo. It is really, really solid. Good price to $79.99. 3 Amigos, female master distiller as well. I would go with this 3 Amigos Organic Blanco for $35.


That's a smoking deal. You haven't had this yet, it's tasty.

My last one's going to be the Siete Leguas. Well, I'll do the Blanco, I guess. Yeah. How much is that one?, $50.

This is going to be a great weekend.


Anything else we might want to get here? Oh, look at this display cases of crazy bottles.

Oh, we should totally get right here. The Eight Reserve. The Eight Reserve. No, we're not going to get that. Shop Smart.

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