Additive-free Blanco Tequilas

There are so many Blanco tequilas out there. Which ones should you drink? And sometimes you can't even get them at your store, right?

Yeah. It's better to go online.

Go online. Easiest way to go. 


So these are all available from our friends at Seelbach's. Go to my bio, there's a link there. What do we have, Maddie?

All right, so first up we've got Don Londrés. Yeah, this is like 45 or something. Super drinkable. This is ArteNOM. Unbelievable brand. This is the 1123, which is aged in barrels that used to hold mescal. It's got like a little bit of a smoky character. It's about 80 or so, but a really unusual one.

One of our all-time favorites, Primo 1861 Delicious Blanco from El Pandillo. That one is 65, something like that. And then this is the Siembra Azul, another really classic brand. And this one is very traditionally made as well. Delicious, delicious Tequila, 65, something along those lines. Okay, let's see what we think here.

All right. I got one of these. And I have this. Oh yeah, good. That's just the pure deal right there. I would gladly drink any of these, and in fact, I might, in the hours to come. Online. Oftentimes with your best friend, eCommerce Check our bio for link.


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