Additive-Free Espacial Blanco Tequila

Espacial Blanco.

It's from Sergio Cruz at Vivanco, that's NOM 1414 makers of a bunch of terrific brands, additive-free, in California only for retail right now, but you can get it online $45, which you know, in this market is pretty reasonable.



You went right for it.

I did because I don't get a lot of nose.

Yeah. There's not a ton.

I mean, it's nothing wrong with it at all. There's just not a lot of aroma to this. I get a little brine and it's a little vegetal, but...

Very subtle.



I'm checking your facial reactions.

Actually it's very good. It is. There's a second that it got like a tiny bit hot, but...

but then it smooths out.

It's very smooth.

It's very drinkable. A lot of residual sweetness too. It's got more and more. I see Blancos, I think I'm doing a lot of filtration and oxygenation. It has a little bit of a fresca note, which I think a lot of people are really going to like, if you're somebody who drinks Casamigos or whatever, don't do that. Drink this and save $10 a bottle, which is unbelievable to even consider it, right? Go to our bio, there's a link there. Cheaper than buying coffee every day.

Some of us might do that.

Yeah, exactly. What do you give it?

All right. I'm going to give it an eight. I really liked it for Blanco, not too peppery, like a subtle hint of it in there, but it's really, it's smooth and I enjoyed it.

It's in the sweet spot. This is really well-made. I think this is going to do well when it expands distribution, I also give it an eight, nice job to the team at Espacial.

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