Additive Free v. Organic Tequila - What's the Difference?

You know the difference. You should. Now, almost every bottle of tequila is going to say on it right here, 100% agave or something along those lines. Now, all that means is that 100% of the sugars used to make this tequila are from agave, that's all it means. Organic. A USDA, US Department of Agriculture organic seal.

Now, organic is an agricultural designation which dictates how the agaves themselves are planted, how they're taken care of, how they're fertilized, et cetera. Additive-free, sometimes denoted by this sticker. This means that there's no additional additives in the tequila, like caramel coloring, artificial sweeteners, glycerin, or oak extract.

You sometimes might see the sticker on bottles but the stickers not being used as much anymore. So to find a list of additive-free tequilas, go to the Tequila Matchmaker app. 100% agave, organic, and additive-free are not the same things. Three different designations.

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