Airline Tequilas - Why Are They So Bad?

Tequila on airplanes sucks.

Let's rank airlines based on tequila availability. The worst is American- no tequila at all. In 6th, Spirit Airlines, they've got Margaritaville Tequila, which is yikes. And Buzzbox Margaritas, not great either. 5th, United; they've got Corazon Blanco Tequila. No pre-made cocktails.

4th place, Alaska Airlines. No tequila. But they do have the straightaway pre-made margaritas, which are pretty solid. 3rd place, JetBlue; they've got Corazon, but they also have the Stirrings margarita mix. 2nd place, Southwest; they have Cazadores Tequila, and they also have the On the Rocks margaritas, which are actually okay.

Best airline for me is Delta. They have Lunazul Blanco and the 'Tip Top' canned margaritas. I'd say Southwest Delta, pretty much neck and neck, but for me, Delta wins. But what do you think? How would you rank airlines tequila offerings?

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