Alma Del Jaguar Nocturna High Proof Review


Will this Nocturna tequila make you do crazy stuff in the dark?

Alma del Jaguar Nocturna, high-proof blanco, 50.5% ABV, proceeds benefit the wild jaguars.

6,000 bottles were made, and it's on sale now.

$65. They also, in addition being high-proof, they put the agave fibers in during fermentation and also in distillation to add more agave flavor.

Let's see how much agave flavor this is.


Jaguars. Bits of real Jaguar in there.


That is agave-ish.

This is good.

It's really nice. Wild fermentation. This is right up my alley. And this is like the pure essence of agave. It's definitely high-proof, but it doesn't overwhelm the flavor.

I dig it, all day long. I would buy this in a second. 9.

And I'm going to go 8, because high-proofs aren't necessarily my jam, but this is really delicious for a high-proof. So, comment Jaguar below, and we'll send you the link to purchase.

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