Alma del Jaguar Review

A new additive free tequila that also supports wildlife. Alma del Jaguar.

Alma del Jaguar brand new from 1414 Sergio Cruz is the master distiller, so collaboration with Adam Fodor, the genius behind the International Tequila Academy. 



$50 for this Blanco and proceeds go to benefit the Mexican Jaguars. So let's see what we got here.

Cool. Cool Bottle too, right? Super recycled glass, the label, the regular cork. It's really neat. Great packaging. Oh, I like that. Yeah. It's very saline on the nose and also on the flavor too. Like a little bit of like a black olive saline. It's not fruity floral at all. It's got a lot more body character to it.

This seems to be the approach that Adam takes a lot in the brands he works on. It's just got a lot of activity going on there. I don't think it'd be great in a cocktail necessarily, but man. I like this for a blanco. Yeah, for you it's. Yeah, it's pretty tasty. Nice. Yeah. Yeah, I agree. And in this market, as prices go up $50 for a blanco of this quality that's a fair deal now.

I'm actually going to give this one a seven, which is. Yeah, pretty solid. Pretty high for a blanco for me. Yeah, it is. Yeah, I enjoyed it. I don't know if I'd sip it straight, but I also don't really sip tequila straight so. Only on camera. Only on camera. Only for you people. Only for you. So I'm going seven. Seven. Eight for me, I like it quite a bit. It's definitely a buy, especially at this price. Sergio, Adam, nice job, Alma del Jaguar

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