Amazing Mexican Flag Cocktail

All right, so we're going to try a new cocktail. It's kind of like a trio of cocktails. This is La Bandera. This is super traditional. You get this in Mexico a lot. And La Bandera means the flag, and the Mexican flag, of course, is green, white, red. So each of these cups, represents a color. So traditionally what you get is a glass of lime juice shown here that's green.



Then you get the white, which is a blanco tequila. This is Kokoro Plata, thank you to Kokoro, right here. And then you get the red, which is Sangrita, which means little blood. Now, when you make Sangrita from scratch, it's kind of a process. It's like orange juice, pomegranate juice, lime juice, chili powder, a bunch of other stuff.

But these guys make a mix, a Sangrita mix, which I really, really love. Casa ZG in San Diego. We'll show you how to get this in the caption. it's like a little flight. Yeah, it's like a flight of tastiness. Let's see what you think. All right. Get into it. Is there like an order or I just kind of? Yeah, that's what's fun about it.

You can like mix and match. You can kind of do your thing. I feel like should start with lime, straight lime juice. I don't know. Maybe I'll start with this. Little blood to start.

Oh yeah. That's tasty. It's not super spicy. No it's not. But it's got flavor. But I like orange juice too. So that's. So the way you make this couldn't be simpler. Orange juice powder. Stir it up. And actually what's cool is this whole package goes into one carton of orange juice. Yeah. This is tasty. I have never heard of this before.

Clean your palette, that kind of thing. So especially in the summer, if you're just like kind of doing a little afternoon hanging out by the pool or whatever, get on La Bandera and if you don't want to go to the trouble of making a full Sangrita grab the mix, check the caption for how to do it.

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