American vs. French Oak in Tequila

Is your tequila aged in American Oak or French Oak?

- Historically, most tequila brands have been aged in American Oak because tequila producers can get those barrels pretty inexpensively from American whiskey producers.

- And American Oak gives tequila, like this TC Craft, more of a caramel vanilla flavor, and sometimes even like a coconut-y flavor, and that's something that I personally really like.

- She's all about it. Now, increasingly, some tequila brands are starting to age their tequilas in French oak, like this Cierto. French Oak and American Oak are really quite a bit different. The French oak usually has a little bit less aroma, not quite as strong of a nose. And the base notes, it's just like a little bit more tannic. I would say it's more in the fruit character, more like a stewed strawberry is like the base, as opposed to vanilla. Me, personally, I love French oak tequilas.

- Some tequila brands will put the type of oak that they use on the bottle, but a lot don't. You can use the Tequila Matchmaker app and it will tell you which kind of oak they use.

- Find out which one you prefer. Let us know in the comments.

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