Apple Cider Barrel Tequila!? Nosotros Anejo Review

Is this apple delicious or rotten? Such an interesting project from Nosotros. It is an Añejo aged in wet apple cider cask that previously owned, Woodford Reserve Bourbon, aged 20 months as well. Comes in a super sweet handmade box. 1,500 bottles made only. It's like $325 though, but it is a really, yeah, no, woohoo.

That's a really limited edition. Let's see what we think here. All right. That's a strong nose. That's enchanting. It's yeah, it's like an apple candle. It is like an apple candle. Like an apple cinnamon candle that you get at the store. Uhhuh. Oh my gosh. it just smells like fall. You can taste the apple in it too.

Yeah. And it's buttery. Yeah, it goes down very easily. Wow. That's a delicious tequila. I wouldn't say I wouldn't say this tastes so much like tequila. No. No, not at all. But it tastes... As a beverage, it's delicious. It's like syrup, like you'd have it with dessert.

Or waffles. I would make this... I would've this in waffles would be my combo meal. That's really good. That's very good. Yeah. And I would give this to people who are like, "I don't like tequilas." Try this. Because they'd be like blown away. I dig it. Yeah. I'll probably take a point off for the price because it is up there a little bit, but.. 8 for me for sure. Yep. And I'm giving it an 8 as well. Delicious dessert tequila. Nice job in the experimentation Nosotros. Keep it up.

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