Atanasio Origenes Blanco Tequila Review

If you like Mezcal, I think you're going to love this tequila. Atanasio Origenes Blanco. 46% ABV. It's not available, officially, in the US yet. Coming soon though, primarily in Florida, California, but also going to be available at Probably $85 or so, we think, when it releases.


Let's give it a shot, Maddie. What do you think? All right. That's a distinct nose. I don't love the nose. It's cheesy. Cheesy, yes. Charcuterie board. I dig it like I like that charcuterie board tequila smell. Oh, interesting. Yeah, I'm into it. Yeah, it's not my favorite.

It's got a lot of flavor in it.

It does have a lot of different flavors.

The mintiness really comes through.

Yeah, the mintiness comes through, I still taste a little bit of maybe, it's just still what i'm smelling...

ham and cheese sandwich. Every time I come back to it, I get a different flavor. A Blanco lover's tequila. Like I said, if you like mezcal, I think you'll like this tequila a lot because it's got some mezcal characteristics.

Not smoky necessarily, but a lot of the same kind of flavor compounds. I think it's really interesting and worth giving it a shot because it's so different than a lot of stuff that's out in the market. For me, it's an A. All right. I am not as big a fan of high-proof stuff always. We're not there yet. Yeah, I'm still getting there.

So I'm going to give it a 6 with the potential of being maybe a 7. Atanasio Origenes Blanco coming soon to the United States.


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