Barbie Pink Tequila Cocktail

Is this the best tequila cocktail ever?

It's the 5 o'clock fizz.

5 o'clock fizz. We're going to start off with an ounce and a half a block of tequila. We're going to use the TC craft. Drop that in there. Maddie, what else we got?


All right. We're going to do half an ounce of Campari.


And then three quarters of an ounce of fresh squeezed lime juice.

Beautiful. Shake

Strain this guy in here.

All right.


It's like a Barbie cocktail.

Yeah, it is, and then the hibiscus ginger beer from Q.

Love this stuff.

It's going to match the color, pretty much. Oh, even more of a Barbie cocktail.


Hot pink. Squeeze of orange. Drop that in there.


Go for it.

Let's see what we got.

Let's try it.



That's tasty.

That is a Barbie summer cocktail.

Yeah, it is. Lay out by the pool, by the lake.

It's the bitterness from the Campari almost gives this like a Paloma vibe.


Yeah, it does, a little bit. Almost like a grapefruit because this is really, really delicious. Wow. What an easy drink to make too. I like this a lot.

The 5 o'clock fizz.

5 o'clock fizz. Make this.


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