Batch Margaritas

Best recipe for Super Bowl margaritas for a big group?

This is the one. Sometimes you got to make a bunch of margaritas. This is my favorite recipe. I've been making this one for like 20 years. First, you take a big pitcher, put some ice in it, add one can of authentic Limeade frozen concentrate.

And then we're going to do one cup of tequila. Today we're going to use the TC Craft Blanco. So smooth, delicious, and really affordable, which I appreciate.

Then you go a quarter cup of some kind of Triples Sec. We use the Valencia from Cardinal Spirits right here in Bloomington, Indiana.

Juice of one lemon. You can also add the slices if you'd like, but Jay accidentally threw them away.

Half a cup of water, just regular water will do. And then, stir to combine. Give this a try here...

All right.


Thank you. All right. Cheers.

I love Margarita.

And dangerously good, too.

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