BBQ Margaritas

A margarita with barbecue sauce?

Are you kidding me? Really strange. I would never have thought it. Sent in by one of our fans. So if you send us cocktail recipes and we think they're interesting, we will make them.



This is with Nosotros Blanco. Little of that. We're going to go half a lime. And then what's the magic ingredient, Maddie? Barbecue sauce. Oh yeah, of course. Honey barbecue sauce, which is very interesting. Yeah, super traditional.

Put it in there. I never would've thought. Yeah, what's going to go wrong? How much? Yeah, a little, yeah. That's good. Okay. Let's stir this up and then we're going to top it with some Q margarita mix. Spectacular Margarita Mix. A bit in there. Oh, I can smell the barbecue. I guess that's the idea. Are you ready for this? No, but... Okay. Do you like these glasses? We're going to sell these in our store soon.

Oh, pretty. Yeah. Friends, let us know if you like these in the comments. We'll tell you how to get them. I think they're pretty cool. Agave mugs. Okay, straw it up. Thanks. Hopefully doesn't overflow. We're good. All right. Whoa! It's kind of like a Bloody Mary vibe. Yeah, it is. It's thick. Yeah, that's interesting. It's like I'm eating dinner and drinking all in one. For like a breakfast cocktail. I don't really like Bloody Mary's but I would drink this for like my brunch cocktail for sure. Yeah. I wouldn't want to drink it all day because it's got so much that barbecue note sweet. would get a little tiresome. But for once in the morning nice call. This is a really interesting idea so props

Yes, props. Send in your crazy recipes. If we like them, we'll make them here on the show.

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