Big Red Tequila Festival

This past weekend, Maddie and I went to the Bloomington Bourbon Bash and Tequila Fest right here in our town of Bloomington, Indiana.

About 400 people, there so great to see everybody coming together around bourbon and tequila at the beautiful Woolery Mill.



This is actually where Maddie got married, as a matter of fact. We got to see a lot of great friends, tried the brand new Ocho 2023 Blanco, and it is spectacular, look for that one if you can find it in stores, it's just coming out now. Also got to see a bunch of other great friends Hiatus tequila. We saw our friends at G4, happen to be there at the festival, as well as we sample a little Mijenta Reposado, which is always a great choice. Love these kind of festivals. We're doing another one in January.

Hope you can be there. We'll keep you posted on the details.

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