Bloody Maria Tequila Cocktail

Our friends at Q Mixers just won an award, Best Cocktail Mixer, period!


Period! In the LA Spirits Awards. So we got to try it.

All right!


So we're going to use the Amatiteña Blanco.


Which has some smokiness to it anyway, so I think it'll be actually really nice in a Bloody Maria.

All right!

And then fill it up with Q.

Okay. All right.

Little rolling action here. Boom! Back this way. Okay. All right. Let's do a little squeeze of lemon.

Yep! Great.

Pop that in there and then garnish with a jalapeno.

Are you ready?

I guess!

Are you scared?

Kind of.

Me too.


I got to say...

It's pretty good.

It is. It's got so much more black pepper in it than I thought...

Yeah, it does.

from the can thing.


Wow! That's got a lot of depth of flavor too. And it's not like, I've had Bloody Mary's, they're just like gross straight tomato juice or clamato. No, thank you! But this is, I could get into this a little bit.

Yeah! It's pretty tasty. And with the tequila too, it's...

You're going back in?

Better than with vodka, I think.

I agree with that. The tequila adds something to it for sure.


This is a nice choice for a Bloody Maria, the Amatiteña.


Congratulations to Q. I don't know if I'm ordering this all the time, but it ain't bad! That's for sure.


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