Bottle Flight for Your Tequila

I think this is the greatest invention for tequila lovers maybe ever! Everyone needs this, and it's a great gift. You're going on a trip, you're going on vacation, you want to bring some of your favorite tequilas to share with some friends. Or maybe to share with yourself. So TSA, of course, has a 3-ounce limit.

The Bottle Flight would solve that problem: four containers, each are exactly 3 ounces. You can fill them up, and then you've got this nifty little reusable marker, so you can put on there what you have in each of these. I already have Tears of Llorona in this one. So let's first do the Siete Leguas. Okay. Kind of like minerality. Yeah. Your friends will never go thirsty. And then next, we have the G4. G4 añejo. G4, very light oak. Got the Cierto, kind of a fruity flavor. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. So this thing is $38 for the Bottle Flight. Worth every penny. And you can find a link in the comments or in my bio. I have already bought a ton of these for my friends. These are great!

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