Bourbon Fans Will Love this New Reposado - Rodeo de las Aguas

New brand: Rodeo de las Aguas . -It's additive-free, made at NOM 1517. Today, we're going to try the Reposado. $70, aged for 7-10 months in American Oak. 25% of the barrels are new. 75% are bourbon barrels.

- Also has an interactive experience. So if you take your phone and you tap it to the wings on the front of the bottle, you can unlock points for like prizes and merch.

- Smells delicious. You can tell that it's more bourbon oak than new oak. It definitely has a bourbon character to it, but it's not punchy in the face oak sandwich.

- It's tasty! Bourbon flavor.

- For sure! Now, it's really nice. Prefer both that's a little less bourbon-y, but I can see folks who are bourbon heads who are coming to the tequila category, they are going to go crazy for this reposado.

- I absolutely agree. 8, it's really good. A little too bourbon-y for me.

- Yep, it's an 8 for me, but I think it would easily be a 9 or a 9+ for a lot of people.

- Yeah.

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