Casamigas - Casamigos Jalapeno Tequila Review


And now, Jay's making me drink Jalapeño Casamigos. Well, we're doing it for the fans. This is a new one from Casamigos, invented by Cindy Crawford, allegedly, because she likes


Casamigas. She likes spicy stuff. This is so smelly. You can smell this from miles away. Yeah. It is the strongest smelling tequila I've ever had.

Yeah. And that's saying something, honestly. It's crazy. All right, I appreciate your willingness. Really good. The good news is we sell these glasses in our store and you should get some, they're amazing. Great glasses even if the tequila's not so great. The flavors, a strange combination. It really is.

It's more weird than bad. It is bad, but it's also weird because it's sweet/hot. Yeah, it's like vanilla jalapeño. Which is not something typically you would associate. Yeah. This is really bad. It smells worse. 5 for me. I think I will be generous and give it a 5 as well. Could be a 4.

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