Cherry Margarita Recipe

Have you ever had a cherry margarita?

I don't know if I have.

I don't think I have either, which is saying something, but we're going to make one right now.


Six cherries. Half a lime. Half an ounce of this toasted orange peel.

Oh, toasted orange simple syrup. I love that stuff. That's amazing. An ounce, I think, was the answer of this amaretto. Ounce and a half of the Hiatus Blanco. Like these guys a lot. This is a nice tequila. Good price also. Okay, great. Oh, that smells really good already.

It does.

Okay, great. Ooh, it is pretty.

It seriously smells so good.

I can smell it from here. That is a fragrant cocktail. Alright, I like it when you try it first, in case it's bad.

Thanks. Wow! Ooh!

Wow, you're making some faces there.

No, it's really good. It's, uh...

That's surprising. Here's the thing about this drink. If I drank this blindfolded, I would say there's no tequila in here.

Yeah, no, you can't taste the tequila.


This taste like a melted cherry popsicle. Like one of those boom pops.

That's a great call. Make this. You're going to thank us later. Put your notes in the comments. Cherry margarita. Hiatus.


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