Cincoro v. Clase Azul v. 1942 Expensive Tequila Challenge

It's the tall expensive bottle challenge.

Can you see over the box, Maddie? No. Hardly. I had, I got a step stool. Jesus. Speaking of tall bottles, look how tall Maddie is. Fruity, I think it smells really sweet. Strawberries with sugar on it. Uhhuh. Yeah.



Oh wow. That's a lot of additives. That's milk chocolate right there. No thanks. Hard pass. Why are so many of these tequilas in tall bottles? Because if they're in a tall bottle, the retailer or the restaurant or the bar has to put them on the top shelf. Okay, less crazy. Yeah. This one's more just like dessert.

Yeah. Still a little sweet, but you get some barrel character on that. For me, way different than this one. I agree. This one is a little smoother too, I think, than that one. Drinkable, for sure. Uhhuh. Yeah. Don't love it. But definitely I wouldn't be angry about that. This makes me mad. Woah smell this again.

S'mores. Uhhuh. This is legit s'mores like all the different s'mores flavors or smells. Yeah. It's very, very sweet. This is like a burned marshmallow. That one's, I mean, it's really smooth. It's very. Very drinkable. Very drinkable, very, I'm sure they all have additives, but very, very sweet. I understand why people. Of course it's like. It's so easy to. It's so tasty.

Yeah. Doesn't taste like tequila. Wouldn't buy any of these. Which is your least favorite? My least favorite is this one. Me too. This one is my least favorite. Most favorite. What would you say? I was going to say, I think this one's probably my most favorite. But it's kind of a tie. This one is my favorite, just because it's got more barrel character.

Okay, we're going to go here. The middle one is the winner. Narrowly, what is it? We have no idea what these are. 1942 is the winner. Looks like Clase Azul was second place. And in third place Cincoro. There you go. Careful those tall bottles friends.

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