Cinnamon Sour Tequila Fall Drink

Can you make the ultimate tequila cocktail for fall? Let's try the cinnamon tequila sour. Cinnamon tequila sour. We're going to go a couple ounces or so of this Insolito Blanco. We're going to go a splash of simple syrup, this is the toasted orange. Love this. Lemon. Lemon juice. Lemon juice, obviously.


Lemon juice. And then we're going to do one egg white. Yep, egg white. And what else? And about a fourth a teaspoon of cinnamon. Okay, good. A few dashes. Shake.

Yum. It looks pretty. It looks like an apple cider. Yep, it does look like an apple cider. Absolutely. Alright, give it a shot. Alright. Cheers.


Oh man, that's nice.

It tastes like tequila apple cider. It really does. I feel like I should be on like a, like a hayride or something. Yeah. This is nice. This is really good. Perfect fall drink. Yeah. It's so interesting. This might be one of my favorite. You would think there's like apple juice in here or something. It's so, it's really interesting.

Yeah. Oh, it literally tastes like apple cider and tequila, but better. Cinnamon tequila sour, make it.


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