Come Shop With Me at Old Town Tequila

What tequila do I buy when I have access to just about everything?

Tequila Jay Baer here at Old Town Tequila in San Diego, one of the greatest tequila selections in the United States, hundreds and hundreds of brands. Now, I of course, already have a lot of tequila, but when I'm here, it's like kid in a candy store looking for all these gems. I got three bottles I picked up here today. The Caballito Cerrero. Over proof Añejo. Really excited about that. I got to reload myself on some Wild Common Reposado, one of my favorite reposados of all time, and I ran out at the house. And very excited about the Old Town Tequila, single barrel Volans Reposado. This was aged with hickory chips. Really, really unusual. Can't wait to try this one. It's worth the hunt.

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