Comisario Reposado Tequila Review

Their slogan is The World's Best Tequila. Is it?

Comisario Reposado.

Comisario Reposado made it 1499 in Arandas. This is seven months in American Oak. About $60.


Wow. Straight butter. Like if I was like making chocolate chip cookies, that's what my kitchen smells like.

But also, yes, for sure, but also like a little bit of maple syrup too.

This is like ihop.

Huh. Wow. It's not that sweet at all.

Yeah. It's so buttery on the nose. You would think it would just be like a vanilla bomb.


It actually finishes pretty dry.


I get a lot of gravel character to this like rainwater, sort of minerals.

There's honestly a little bit of pepper not nearly as much as like a Blanco, but...

More of a white pepper at the end.


Yeah. More than black pepper. I don't know that I have any other tequilas exactly like this. I got to go back in.

I will say it is probably a little bit easier to drink because it doesn't smell like your typical tequila. So it's not like, Ooh, what am I about to drink? And then, it doesn't, yeah, it's not, it doesn't taste too sweet.

not bad at all. Yeah, and for $60, I'm not offended by that. Yeah. I'm down with it. I'm going to go 7.

All right. And I'm going to give it an 8.

Look out.

I know. I know. I enjoyed it.

World's best tequila today.


8-7. Comisario.


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