Convincing College Students to Drink Additive Free Tequila

We are going to see if we can convince some of these college students to drink additive-free. Ready?

- Let's do it!

- Hey, do you guys want to try some tequila?

- Of course! Absolutely, yeah. Oh, whoo!

- All right, you sure? Look at these willing participants from the neighborhood. All right!

- Ooh!

- Thoughts? Not bad?

- It burns in the back of the throat.

- There's a little burn.

- All right, second choice.

- That's better. That's much better. Smooth. More smooth.

- So you would pick that one?

- I would.

- All right, great! Let's try you.

- Okay. Yeah, there's like none of the burn from the first one at all. It's really, really smooth. I like it.

-Pure Gold, baby!

- Yeah, I... There's no like aftertaste as the last one. It's not as strong.

- We did not fake this, right? You did not know what you were drinking.


- All three of you like the second one. Is that true?

- Yes!

- All right, congratulations. You're into additive-free tequila. Way to go! Thank you for participating! Whoo!

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