Do You Sip or Mix Your Tequila?

I've always wondered about this, and now we know.

New data just came out from Drizly that says that 3/4 of Americans only drank tequila in cocktails.

Makes sense to me because before I started videos, I only drank tequila in cocktails.

But look at you now. You're drinking tequila at room temperature all the time. So, I prefer sipping tequila. You? I still prefer probably tequila in a cocktail, but I'll do both. This is the new, Corrido High-Proof Blanco that I'm sipping on right now. What do you have?

I've got a margarita in my cool agave mug.

So we get the agave shot glasses.

And agave mug.

Both of these are for sale in our online store. We only have a limited quantity available, so grab them while they're hot. Free shipping as well. But we want to know about you. What do you prefer? Do you prefer your tequila in a cocktail or sipping it neat? Let us know in the comments.

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