Does Tequila Choice Matter in Cocktails?

When you're making a cocktail, does it really matter which tequila you use?

We're going to find out. Yes. Maddie has to get on the stool. I have my step stool to see over the box. There's the Blanco, the High Proof Blanco, and then the Suave Reposado.



I'm going to drink these neat. Maddie's going to drink them in a cocktail. Easy Paloma from our friends at Q Mixers.

Let's start over here and see what we think. Okay. That's good. I think that might be the high-proof that feels like it's got a lot of character. All three of these are red tape you can get from our friends at Sealbach's. Go to Link in my bio. Use the promo code Jay 10% off. Sweet. Ooh, which one do you like better so far? Honestly, maybe this one. This is my favorite so far. Okay. I can taste it a little bit in this too, I think. Yeah. Do you like it better with the Reposado and the Paloma, or not as well? I think I actually like it better with the Blanco.

All three good, delicious, Arette, excellent brand? Go to Sealbach's. I prefer this one straight. Which one do you and prefer? That one? I think this, yeah. This is my favorite in a Paloma, a Paloma. Does it matter which tequila you use in a cocktail? Yes, it does. There you go. All right. So my favorite was, Hey! Hey! The Arette Square Bottle. How about that? Okay, this is the one. Remember we said this is like one of our favorite inexpensive ones on the show a little bit ago. Revalidated here. Yes. And your favorite was? Maddie, your favorite was the high-proof. Wow. You've come a long way. Yikes. Dangerous. Arette, always a good choice.

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