Does Tequila Taste Different in Mexico?

Does tequila taste different in Mexico? So in the USA, tequila has to be at least 40% ABV. It's the law. But in Mexico, because of the way it's taxed, many brands produce tequila that's 35% to 38% ABV. We're going to see if it makes a difference with Entremanos. So let's first try the 40%, which is the American tequila. Let's do it. Okay.

Tasty. Tasty. And then this is the 38%. So this is their Mexican tequila. Okay. We'll see if we notice a difference. This is additive-free.

Whoa. That is way different. Isn't it way different? Yeah. That's crazy. And it's literally just... Just 2%. 2%. Because this is 38% and this is 40%. Yeah. Try this yourselves at home.

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