Does Terroir Matter in Tequila? With LaGrimas Tequila

Does terroir matter in tequila?

The idea of terroir is that a specific plot of land has a big role to play in the flavor of any kind of wine or spirit. So this new brand, Lagrimas del Valle, is kind of putting this principle to the test. Each of their releases or their tequila is from a single plot of land, a single rancho.


And these are two that they've put out so far. This is the 2022 Palo Verde. And the 2022 El Chiqueño. This is the Palo Verde. Black pepper, minerals.

For sure. Gravel. These are both 46% ABV as well.

It's actually pretty good though. It's pretty tasty.

Yeah, so agave forward. I get a lot of brine on this.


Like a lot, like almost like an olive vibe.

Now that you say that, I smell it. Yeah. This is like that green olives you get like at a steakhouse.


Second one is the El Chiqueño.

Okay. Here you go. Big difference. The second one's a little more muted on the nose. I think a little, a little less, a little less powerful.


They do taste different.

Way different. This one's less briny for sure.

Uh huh.

I think a little bit more sweet. What do you get?

For sure at the end. I agree it's a lot sweeter at the end. That is crazy, the difference.

But both great choices. If you can find these, grab one. So well-made, and can't wait to see what they come out with next.


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