Does Too Much Air Ruin Tequila?


Does too much air ruin your tequila?

So we're going to test this with this El Viejito Reposado, okay. So what is this? Let's give that a shot. Man. It's our throwback tequila that is old school.


I love it. Okay, so what we're going to do is leave this outside for a while and see what happens to the flavors in the aromas when we come back.

All right. See you in a bit.

But it's still pretty similar, so let's really amp this up. Let's see how this works. All right.

Splashing everywhere.

All right, now simulating having your tequila set out for a while.

That is so crazy, right?

It doesn't have nearly as much flavor.

No, or even aroma. It's like it just washes away.


It's really interesting. So this idea that you should just like leave your tequila open, like open it a couple hours before people come over or whatever? Don't do that.

A few minutes, but not hours.

But not hours, because it definitely makes it worse.

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