Don Fulano 20 Anniversary Tequila Review

Celebrating 20 years of Don Fulano. Worth the wait?

Don Fulano 20th Anniversary Añejo.

This is a 3-year añejo in French oak, and then it's finished three months or so in a variety of sherry casks. Additive-free of course. Let's give it a shot.


All righty.

Oh, I like the nose a bit.

The balance of that's so nice, right? I mean it's...

It's sweet, but not overwhelming.

Some barrel as well, some wood but not like really in your face like hit you with a board. It's really, these guys are so good at blending. Lovely. Mmm. If you are a whiskey, bourbon, scotch drinker, I think you should seek this out because you are going to love it!

It's really, really in that style of tequila. It's 44%, I think we said as well.


And it gives off some a little bit of a higher-proof vibe. It definitely has some body to adits. I really like I think it's really really nice. It's really well made. Geez.

[00:01:00] Yeah. I am... like it... For me, it's a teeny bit hot for an añejo, but I mean, that makes sense because it's higher ABV. Yeah. But no, I liked it.

I'm going to give it a 7.

Nice. I like it a lot. I think you should try to buy this if your budget permits. Again, they're only going to make it never as a single release. I go 9 for the Don Fulano 20. Nice job.


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