Don Londres Reposado Tequila Review

Is this new tequila from Post Malone's manager better now, or better never? Don Londres Reposado! Don Londres Reposado. The Blanco's been out for maybe a year or so. Reposado just coming out right now. $65, $70, something like that. Lovely bottle intended for sort of club environment, obviously frosted, tall, cool.


Let's give this a shot here. Okay. Nice smell, right? It's, I like that a lot. Yeah. Good balance. Sweet, but not too sweet. Not overwhelmingly like artificial sweetness. A little perfume to it, but not over the top. It's nice. Mm. Oh, I like that. It's tasty. It's a little sweet, but not, not too sweet.

Kind of like the smell. No, not maple syrupy at all. It has some tequila... not to me, super complicated. Executes what it's trying to do really well. I would probably want a little more black pepper in my reposado, but I can definitely get behind this. And I got to tell you, for people who don't drink a lot of tequila, I think this is a really good reposado to start with. I really like this one. I like when there's not a lot of pepper in it. So I'm going to go 9. Whoa! Whoa! I know! And a reposado 9. Okay. Usually you're like extra añejo. I know. 8 for me. I also like it. Good choice. Don Londres Reposado.

Look for it coming out now.


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