Don't Get Surprised by the Size

Can you spot the hidden difference between these three bottles of tequila?

Yeah, they're from the different distilleries and they've got different price points and different flavors but each of these bottles also contains a different amount of tequila. Now, a few producers, including Cimarron, make one-liter bottles.



It's a great deal because you're getting 33% more than in a regular bottle. Check the label and you'll see it says one liter. Now in the US, most spirits are typically sold in 750 ml like this G4. But for most of the rest of the world, the standard size is actually 700 ml. In 2020, the US government finally changed the rules to allow for the sale of 700 ml bottles in this country.

And so what smart producers are doing, like Siete Leguas, is they're jumping on this opportunity. Most new bottles are not 750 ml. They are 700 ml. Price is going to be the same typically but the consumer gets less tequila. It's essentially a 7% price increase, and it makes their bottling process a lot easier because only need one bottle for the whole world. Now, this is a great tequila so I'd buy it at any size but you'll start to see this more and more in tequila. So before you purchase, check to see just how much tequila you're getting. Follow for tequila education and reviews.

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