Don't Sip Tequila Out of a Shot Glass

Stop sipping tequila out of a shot glass. -I mean, if you're doing shots, yeah, use a shot glass. Maybe something like our agave one.

- Those are super cute. You can buy those in our store. But if you're sipping fine tequila, shot glass is not really the way to go.

-Yeah. The sides are too straight and the fill line is too tall, so you can't really collect the aromas.

- And the opening is pretty small too, right? So you can't really like schnoz it up, which is what you're supposed to do. So if you're going to sip an excellent tequila, the better way to do it is with an actual tequila sipping glass or any sort of spirits glass. These are other ones that we sell in our online store. You've got the sides that kind of funnel the aromas up. You've got a wide enough opening and it's big enough, but you've got a pretty low fill line, so the aromas kind of collect on top there. So, this is a great glass. This will work. That's amazing. This will also work.

- Jay has a lot of sipping glasses.

- One's a stem will work. These are the classic ones. Those will work as well. So any of those will be great. But look, if you're drinking good tequila, stop drinking out of a shot glass! -If you have any questions, meet us in the comments.

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